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Learn about our professionals network and co-financing options aimed at strengthening the management of social and environmental performance.

SEPM Professionals Network

The Social and Environmental Performance Management Professionals Network brings together experts who are trained and qualified on the Universal Standards, the Client Protection Standards and the SPI tools. These experts are available to support financial service providers, impact investors and other actors in the sector to advance their social and environmental performance goals.

SEPM Pros:

  • Conduct objective audits
  • Prepare action plans and implement changes
  • Train in-house teams
  • Design social and environmental strategies

The SEPM Pros Network consists of

  • Consultants who support financial institutions directly in the field.
  • Impact investment fund managers who are in charge of integrating SEPM in the selection and monitoring of their investees. They have experience in social due diligence.
  • Managers of national, regional and international networks who support their members in conducting social audits and improving practices.

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Cerise+SPTF selects and trains high-skilled consultants to support you in your SPI audits and help you improve your social and environmental performance.

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Approved Bodies to conduct Client Protection Certifications

Cerise+SPTF authorizes certain organizations to conduct Client Protection Certifications*. These organizations must have robust systems in place to ensure, in an impartial and professional manner, a Client Protection Certification. The methodology is aligned with the Universal Standards. This ensures the quality and comparability of the results of certifications.

* Please note that Cerise+SPTF approves certification bodies, but does not not oversee or approve the individual certifications of financial service providers. This remains under the responsibility of the approved certification bodies.

Cofinancing Facilities

Cerise+SPTF currently manages three regional cofinancing facilities called RIFFs (Responsible Inclusive Finance Facilities). These facilities co-finance training or technical assistance for financial service providers wishing to improve their social and environmental performance management practices.

RIFFs are fully funded by external donors. Cerise+SPTF actively raise funds to sustain these facilities and allow new regions to benefit from them.

The currently operational RIFFs are:

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