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Key Resources

Watch the SPI Online Video Tutorials. These short videos will help you better understand how to access the audit tools and how they work.

Take a look at our Resource Center and search for resources by filters (left column) or keywords in the search bar (at the top of the page).

Use the Guide for Social and Environmental Performance Management (SEPM Guide). The Guide provides support and tips on scoring indicators, sources of information, evidence to provide, and field examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Account SPI Online

If your organisation already exists in SPI, you can :
- Either ask your organisation's account administrator to invite you to create an account.
- Select this organisation from the drop-down menu when creating your account: your organisation's account administrator will have to validate your request for your account to be activated.

If your organisation does not yet exist in SPI, you can create your organisation at the time of account creation. You will then be the administrator of the organisation. Once your account has been created and attached to the desired organisation, you can start creating your audits.

You can create an account or log in with your old credentials. Click on "Forgot your password?" if the application does not recognize your credentials. You will receive an e-mail (remember to check your SPAMS) asking you to reset your password.

You can create an organization:

  • In the registration process : in Step 3, enter a letter and select "I can't find the organization" from the drop-down list of organizations on SPI. Click on the "+ Create a new organization" that appears. You must enter the name and the country of your organization to create it. You will receive an email to activate the account on SPI. If you create your organization, you will become its default administrator.
  • When you don't find the organization while creating an audit : enter a letter and select "I can't find the organization" from the drop-down list of organizations on SPI. Click on the "+ Create a new organization" that appears. You must enter the name, the country of the organization and the email adress of the focal point to create it. The focal point will receive an email to create and activate their account on SPI. They will become its default administrator.


You can change the tool in the audit settings until the audit is complete. The number of indicators changes according to the questionnaire.

You have 3 options to see your results :

- You can see your temporary scores of your audit any time by clicking on “Temporary Scores” in the SPIflat file
- You can have an abstract of your results by clicking on “view results”, below the standards flow on your audit completion page
- You can also download the results and the detailed dashboard after clicking on "Finish audit"

Find temporary scores by standard and by essential practice at any time in the SPIflat of your audit. It is possible to have slightly different scores on the SPIflat and online because on Excel, the macros use calculations methods that are different from the tool online. There may be a slight difference. Scores on SPI Flat are scores that help you see where you stand while doing your audit. But the final scores to take into account are those of the dashboards

To download the results and the detailed dashboard, you need to fill completely your audit. Click on “show the results” on your audit completion page, then click on “finish audit” and finally on “export the results”

You can invite people at any time by entering their email address in the audit sharing settings. You can also invite an organization to your audit. This organization must have an account on SPI to be invited. People invited to your audit will see the audit on their home page.

We have a personal data management policy on the SPI Online platform, in accordance with the European GDPR directives. Each user can decide the level of permission to share their data for benchmarks, and with Atlas.
All data is confidential, Cerise+SPTF never shares it unless it receives formal permission from the data owner.

Resources to support you in your audit and in improving your practices are available:
- At the bottom of your account homepage (coming soon)
- In the Resource Center
- On the results page of your online audit where resources will be offered to help you improve your main deficiencies (coming soon)

Client Protection

CP Full is a comprehensive assessement of your client protection practices. Certification Bodies will use the CP Full exact same methodology and framework to conduct an independant audit and certification of an institution. Only these approved certification bodies can grant a Certification.
When you complete a CP Full you will be able to (i) identify your gaps and work on them to improve and reach adequate standards of certification and (ii) see your results in relation to a certification; this means that your CP Full results will also give you an overview of your compliance with Entry, Progress and Advanced indictaors, as well as you final score, both of which constitute the certification score. For more information on the Certification Methodology please read more here.

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