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SPM Essentials Webinar #8

Barriers, Bias and Banking

This webinar discussed how some things are simply fundamental for serving women better with financial services. To begin, a financial services provider (FSP) should understand its own biases that affect female staff. Additionally, an FSP should understand the tradeoffs that female clients make when pursuing economic opportunities, and the types of negative shocks they commonly face. With this knowledge, the FSP can improve its practices and achieve better outcomes for women. During the webinar, SPTF shared recent changes to the Universal Standards that have incorporated a stronger gender lens. Grameen Foundation shared a toolkit that helps FSPs implement good practices in promoting women’s economic empowerment while avoiding unintended negative consequences such as child labor or gender-based violence. This webinar is in English with simultaneous Spanish translation.

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  • Watch the webinar in Spanish

SPM Essentials Series 2021-2022

In 2021-22, in coordination with the release of the Universal Standards 3.0, Cerise+SPTF created a webinar series called "SPM Essentials". This series presents practical guidance on how to implement the Universal Standards. Each webinar features interviews with practitioners on how they are managing their social and environmental performance, including lessons learned from what has worked and what did not.

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