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SPM Essentials Webinar #7

Help Your Employees Adapt to Digital Transformation

In this webinar jointly organized by SPTF and the ILO, speakers from Wing (Cambodia), and FINCA DRC addressed how to manage human resources responsibly during digital transformation, how to motivate and support employees for success when their job roles and responsibilities are shifting, and how HR structure and management is different in a digitalized FSP versus a traditional financial institution.

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SPM Essentials Series 2021-2022

In 2021-22, in coordination with the release of the Universal Standards 3.0, Cerise+SPTF created a webinar series called "SPM Essentials". This series presents practical guidance on how to implement the Universal Standards. Each webinar features interviews with practitioners on how they are managing their social and environmental performance, including lessons learned from what has worked and what did not.

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