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SPM Essentials Webinar #1

Use what you have. Discovering client insights in your existing data.

This webinar discusses how to use your existing client data to reveal actionable insights. Specifically, in analyzing financial behavior by client segment, you can uncover trends in product uptake and use by your clients and use that information to improve performance. The speakers are Mariano Frontera, Director Ejecutivo of Fundación Dominicana de Desarrollo, and Jacobo Menjovsky, independent data analyst.

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SPM Essentials Series 2021-2022

In 2021-22, in coordination with the release of the Universal Standards 3.0, Cerise+SPTF created a webinar series called "SPM Essentials". This series presents practical guidance on how to implement the Universal Standards. Each webinar features interviews with practitioners on how they are managing their social and environmental performance, including lessons learned from what has worked and what did not.

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