Resources to fill Org Info in SPI Online

Generate robust social dashboards and reliable benchmarks

The Organization Information ("Org Info") part of the questionnaire in SPI Online assessment tools contains the financial data and demographic details of the financial service provider.

The Org Info section is essential for SPI Online assessments:

  • The indicators in Org Info are reported on the social dashboard. The social dashboard is automatically generated based on the data provided on the Organization Information page and the questionnaire.
  • Some data on the Org Info page can be used to answer indicators in the questionnaires, such as responsible pricing indicators under Standard 6C.
  • Some of the information also serves to classify each FSP by peer groups (country, region, size, maturity, personalized benchmarks) and is necessary to use the SPI benchmarks for a detailed analysis.


A 28-minute live demo on Org Info indicators and social dashboard.

Watch Tutorial


Detailed guidance to answer indicators in Org Info.

See Guidance

And if you want a few more tips, download the resource below.

Download basic tips on Org Info

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